Long & Short Sleeve Silk Shirts – Comfort with Trend

Today’s fashion is not only trendy but comfortable also. The clothes in the wardrobe should not become a showpiece but be a part of owner’s choice. The person should willingly wear it every day. Vaughan is setting a new milestone for fashion industries through its services. It is not only providing iconic clothes but also giving tips for people to style their wardrobe.

The Vaughan

Their aim is not only to promote their product but also to teach people how to style themselves with the existing wardrobe. Their product is specially designed for working women, who spend hours working in offices and are no way back than male. Shirts are specially designed for their comfort. So that they stay trendy with the working life. (Most importantly you’ll receive a cute handwritten note from them with the order which can easily make your day).

Their way of Motivating

You may notice a small bumble bee is discretely embroidered on the lower inside placket of each shirt. She is their unofficial symbol as she represents good fortune, joy, and hard work. They take good care of their clients including their good luck. In fact, she is said to fly in spite of herself. Her body is not aerodynamic and her wings are tiny yet she persists and beats them so quickly she eventually takes flight. Thus, the bee reminds everyone that we can achieve the impossible. With this enthusiasm, they are working hard and telling everyone how the sky is not the limit when someone wants to touch the moon.


They have two variety of shirts – Long sleeved and short sleeved silk shirts with amazing colors matching the skin tone of people. They use the best quality silk which further adds to owners comfort. Versatility is the key factor; they suit not merely the working hours but also the party hours. When we talk about offices first priority for people is plain dress shirt. These long sleeved and short sleeved silk shirts also give a decent look and best to wear at formal places. The cut makes it perfect to drape. It looks neat and classy wearing them.

These shirts are designed for modern women. The owner wanted to create a beautiful, easy to wear shirts that were priced for stocking up and not a precious piece meant only for special occasions. And now she is successful in doing so. She is creating not only one time customers but lifetime customers who are so happy with her service and products that they cannot resist themselves from shopping again. Their strategy is not only to earn money but to give the best to their customers and motivate them at their workplace. They are available 24/7 for customer support with the instant answer to all the queries and help. Providing most personalized experience and long-lasting impact on customers.

Their every style is carefully designed for ultimate versatility making VAUGHAN shirts a luxurious foundation for any woman’s wardrobe. You’ll love these easy-wearing pieces as they perfectly transition from desk to dinner and beyond.


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