The Rising Trend Of Short Sleeve Silk Shirts

Everyone wants to look trendy and sophisticated. Dressing plays an important role in defining a person’s personality. Looking through all the fashion terms, people like to look chic as well as simple. Then, to meet the demand of such apparel, the shirt is the best alternative. There are numerous styles of shirts available in the market. Full sleeve cotton shirts, short-sleeved half checked shirts, short sleeve silk shirts, casual solids shirts etc. are very reliable and can be worn for any occasion or function.

To bring out fashion with a new definition, shirt clothing styles are being flooded in the market which are attracting people to go for the shirts instead of T-shirts. Due to the decent look of shirts, they are mostly chosen for the outing, love dates, outdoor trips, beach trips, corporate meetings etc. Pairing with a thin cotton t-shirt or tank top, a flannel shirt is in great demand by the young boys and girls. The best part of the shirt is that they are available in all types ranging from low to high price. So, it fits in your budget along with its comfortable fitting as per your shape and body type. You can take hooded shirts for any type of parties and short sleeve silk shirts for any commercial and family gathering.

Long Sleeve silk shirts by VAUGHAN

Commonly Used Types of Shirts

While purchasing a shirt, you must have a good idea of your body type and the type of shirts which will suit you. However, online shopping through the portals like Vaughan for such items is the best alternative to get your ideal shirt. Some of the common types of shirts are given below.

Formal Full Sleeve Slim Fit Shirt: This shirt is compulsory for every woman’s wardrobe as they like to wear simple and formal clothing for office usage and the corporate world.

Casual Slim Fit Shirts: They come with many catchy colors. These shirts are mainly liked by youngsters. They look casual as well as stylish with slim fitting.

Short Sleeve Silk Shirts: These type of shirts are mainly liked for special events or gatherings. This gives a very attractive look with its comfortable fabric along with the options of many vibrant colors. These shirts also feel very soft against your skin and generally suit everyone.

Denim Shirts: It is the trending type of shirt. It is facilitated with plain, printed, patchworks and faded denim pattern. Nowadays, the duo colored shirts are in fashion a lot.

Linen Shirts: This is the most comfortable shirt specially designed for the summer season. It gives a rich and royal look within variations in colors.

Checked Shirts: Checked full sleeve shirt and half sleeve shirts are liked by almost all age groups. It suits well on people of any complexion and body shape.

Stripped Shirts: This pattern is mainly followed in formal shirts. Half sleeve striped shirt looks great with chino or shorts. These shirts are mainly picked by the people who have a good height. These shirts are simple and attractive as well.


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